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Efsane Gazoz (6'li paket)

Uludag     1500ml.
Efsane gazoz, efsane sisesinde....

Portakalli Gazoz (Efsane 6'li Sise)

Uludag     1500ml.
A mellow refreshing drink. Kind of charming, really it makes me think of seaside outdoor cafes. Its not as zesty as Orangina or as juicy as Club Orange. This is just mellow & tasty. There seems to be a hint of creamy smoothness to it – maybe its just the locust bean gum – that thickens and mellows the drink. It luxuriates on the tongue. Its refreshing in its coolness. The orange isn't especially juicy or strong flavored. Not overly flavored. Everything about this drink is low key, mellow and relaxed. Not something you'd guzzle on a hot day. And the bottle isn't too big either. Just big enough for a cool refreshing snack.

Sade Gazoz (6'li paket)

Camlica     1500ml.
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Turkey's famous soda.