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Zeytin / Visne Cekirdegi Cikarici

The Cuisipro Olive and Cherry Pitter will allow you to pit both olives and cherries with ease! Look at it go! Oliver and Cherry Pitter Features: Non-slip handle. One hand operation. Locks closed for compact storage. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 4cm.

Zeytinyagi Spreyleme Unitesi

The Spray Pump offers a healthy, handy way to add a light coat of flavor to just about anything. Multi-functional non-aerosol mister. Easy to use; pump the cap and mist. Add flavored oils and/ or vinegars to salads, vegetables, meats and fish. Even, fine mist for healthy cooking. Mix vinegar and water for cleaning. Lubricants for hinges. Water for misting plants. Note: Only dried herbs should be stored in olive oil. Stainless steel. Hand wash only. 8 oz capacity